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249.365 iPhone Instagram app X-Pro II filterThe view from yesterday morning's run.  It's the best reason to a) get up early in the morning and b) have an iPhone.  It would be very difficult to carry a dSLR on a run, right?


Too Much Fun

243.365 34mm f4 1/1250 ISO 200Normally I would never wait until 9:00 at night to post yesterday's picture, but we were just having so much fun in the mountains I couldn't get back to my laptop.  We hiked in the Weminuche Wilderness with three kids under the age of three.  There's something about seeing Ezra in that setting that is supremely satisfying for Will and me, but in truth, we all had a great time up there.


On The Way

242.365 55mm f9 1/500 ISO 200We are spending the weekend with friends in their cabin in southwest Colorado.  I plotted my driving shift so I would be in the passenger seat for prime picture time.



232.365 50mm (+ 12mm mac tube) f6.3 1/80 ISO 200My front yard is a bit of a jungle right now, an unruly mix of weeds and overgrown perennials that all seemed to pop while I was in North Carolina last week.  I love many of the plants out there, but there's one I've been watching with anticipation bordering on impatience.  I'm like a child waiting for dessert, or Christmas morning, and look!  Here it is!  At the end of May!

The first peony opened yesterday and took my breath away.  It's not just the impertinently pink petals that get me, it's that nest of yellow stamens like a sea anemone.  I mean, a clownfish would look totally at home in there.  Something about it is intoxicating to me, better than chocolate.  Is there a more perfect plant?  (If you're one of those people, like my husband, who does not understand the merit of plants that fail to produce food, don't answer that.)

Anyway, it's still a young plant so I have only six more buds to open this year.  I'm thinking you may have to endure more of these shots over the next few weeks, because I am pretty sure this plant is what macro was made for. 


Take Pictures For Me

192.365 62mm f4.2 1/320 ISO 200We've got some potentially big things going on in our life this weekend, things that prompted a person close to me to say the following sentence yesterday:

"Take lots of pictures and send them to me on the computer."

Um.  Okay.  This is Corinna you're talking to.  You know, the girl who takes pictures of her computer keyboard.  The girl who writes, ad nauseum, about the fact that Spring has arrivedAgain.

I think it's safe to say that if anything remotely interesting happens you can be fairly certain I'll share it, photographically and otherwise.